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Why you should not book an ‘unmanned’ photobooth from your wedding photographer.

Over the weekend Beauty and the Booth provided an enclosed photobooth for a Melbourne wedding. We met a guest who was planning her husband's 30th birthday party and loved the fact that our attendants stay with the booth the whole night.

Later on that evening she was telling us that her wedding was a couple of weeks ago and she had booked a photobooth as art of her wedding photography package. She told us that her photographer included the booth with his package and set the booth up in the venue while he was inside the wedding taking photos.

She said he took lovely photos but because the photobooth was unmanned, some people especially the older guests didn’t know how to start the photobooth, they didn’t know how many photos they had to stay in the photobooth for so some photos were of people still picking props or some photos were of a blank curtain because some guests had left the photobooth.

Then she also said that she had ordered a guestbook from her photographer and not a lot of people had put their photos in the guestbook and signed it because they didn’t know it was there. It was very disappointing to hear that she had paid a lot of money for the booth and guestbook but didn’t receive the mementos from her special day.

At Beauty and the Booth our attendants stay with the booth the entire night helping guests take photos, letting guest know how many photos the booth and also to make sure they are ready for the second photo. At some events guest are also a little reluctant and shy to take photos and we always encourage guests to jump into the booth to have a bit of fun. Our attendants make sure they paste the photostrips in the guestsbook and encourage guests to write a message.

Getting a photobooth from a photographer may save you a little money and it is great to only deal with the one company for 2 services but to avoid disappointment especially on an important day like a wedding, make sure there is an attendant looking after the photobooth.

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