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Beauty and the Booth at TPS year 12 formal

Beauty and the booth were booked again this year for a Mornington high school formal called The Peninsular School. The formal was held at the beautiful Mornington racecourse in their large open function room.

This college sure love their photos as they hired 2 open photobooths they also hired a formal photography set up, and a roaming photographer. The college had some speeches but then they handed out a number of awards for the students and the 2 funny MCs kept the crowd entertained for the whole time. The college had once told us that they had hired only one photobooth at one of their formals and for the whole night there was a line to use the photobooth so that is why they always book 2 to reduce the waiting time of their guests.

At the start of the night there were ballot papers handed out to each guest and they were to be filled out and tallied for the awards. There were the usual best dressed and best couple but here are the very unique categories we had never heard of before.

Some of them were the following:

Most likely to marry for money

Most likely to be on The Bachelor

Most likely to be a star on a kids TV show

Most likely to be successful

The mum and dads of the year level

Best party animal

Most hairiest

They are a very creative bunch. Beauty and the booth are looking forward to providing more photobooths for their Melbourne events.

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