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Working at the Midsumma festival for Wyndham city council

Beauty and the booth were booked again to work at the Midsumma Festival which is a big gay and lesbian festival in Melbourne . We worked at the Youth Resource Center last year and set up the open photo booth for a youth dance party. We have worked at another event for Midsumma this year at the Williamstown library for a small outdoor music performance on the deck. This year it was a Cabaret performance event where our enclosed photobooth was book. We saw a lot of familiar faces from the Wyndham council staff to all the Youth workers.

We had finally finished setting up the photobooth and took a few sessions where we were all told to go into the stage room and enjoy the show.

First act was a dance number called Tweaking in the Rain by 'Lord Love it' who wore a suit shirt and tie up top and metallic spandex tights with glittery stilettos and pumped out one dance move and leg kick after the other.

The second act was Caesar the bearded ballerina who wore a little tutu plumped up with plastic bags, he then pulled more plastic bags put of his tutu and started juggling them a floating them across the stage like floating snow.

The third act was Miss Alainious juggling who was an amazing all rounder performer balancing a pocket watch on an umbrella, juggling hat tricks, balancing martini glass on her chin keeping the audience on there toes.

Grace was the fourth performer with who has had circus training with fancy hoola hoops.

Josh was the fifth and last act who sang original and cover songs with his guitar to bring the performances to an end.

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