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The Popularity of Church Weddings

Beauty and the booth have been booked for a lot of wedding photo booth hire in Melbourne churches. The ceremony is usually held in a church anyway so why not book the photobooth there as well. After the ceremony people usually stay around for refreshments and usually there is nothing much else to do after you have said you congratulations so why not keep people entertained with the photobooth.

Just recently we were booked for our open photobooth at the Clayton Church of Christ for Tru and Jem's wedding. This is the perfect church to have a wedding because there was a foyer, there was of course a chapel, and there was one large function room perfected fitted with a sound system and projector screen. There was a large industrial like kitchen so the caterers could prepare all the meals.

After the ceremony and readings all the guests could mingle in the foyer and function room and there was plenty of space for the open photobooth and dancing. It is also a very simple and money saving way to have a wedding. Other than catering and the photobooth a lot of things can be supplied by yourselves. The bride and groom supplied their own drinks, they created their own decorations. They had the luxury of coming into the space early to make sure everything was ready for the event and you don't have the opportunity to do that at many venues.

One wedding we worked at even provided all the catering, they set up a buffet inside full of sandwiches, cakes, pastries, fruit. The bride must have had a lot of help from family and friends and it was a hot summers day wedding as well so after everyone had finished with the nibbles and waiting for the photos to be taken one of her uncles were handing out ice creams.

Church weddings are here to stay due to the ease and flexibly of holding events there and I think they will get more and more popular in the future.

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