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Working at the meme night at Whitley college

Beauty and the booth do a lot of work for university colleges within Melbourne. We are the perfect choice with our affordable photobooth hire prices and providing trendy djs to many Uni events all over Melbourne. Just a few weeks ago we were booked by Whitley College for their in house college party. The theme of the night was definitely a unique one and one we haven't seen before. The theme of the night was MEMES. The students at the college dressed up like their favourite meme which meant the sky was

the limit.

The open photo booth that they hired was perfect because you can see the students whole costume. If they had booked the enclosed booth you would only be able to see faces and not the whole costume and if someone has gone to all that trouble to make their costume the would definitely want a memory of it.

The costumes consisted of a range of angry cats, t shirts with print outs of popular meme faces. Our favourite group were a group of science students who dressed up as a group of scientists. At the end of the night it was announced who won best costumes and it went to two boys who both dressed up as the Joker from Batman.

Because of our affordable photobooth hire prices Beauty and the booth work at a lot of Uni events and because our photo booths are not only good looking and we always provide good easy service and they continue to use us at their parties.

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