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Beauty and the booth working at surprise birthday parties

Beauty and the booth are lucky enough to have worked at a few surprise birthdays.

We are usually requested to set up well before the party starts to make sure everything is set before the birthday person arrives.

The most recent surprise birthday we did was at one of Greville St's trendiest cafés turned party function room at night for Rayan. His lovely sisters threw a big party hiring our beauty and the booth enclosed box photo booth, a DJ, heaps and heaps of balloons. At first we didn't really know what was happening, why is the birthday boy 2 hours late to his own party? Then realised he was on his way and everyone scrambled to the back of the venue where we had set up their enclosed photobooth.

The birthday boy showed up surprised but embraced the party and started dancing while the DJ played 'Holiday' by Naughty by Nature.

The birthday boy's sisters had organised a collage of photos on Palate's large screens. The staff also brought out a project screen and hooked it up to a video of the birthday boy, old school interviews, school plays, dance parties at home and lots of other cute and embarrassing clips.

The night was filled with new and old rnb party tracks, (LMFAOs 'Shots' being a very popular track) as well as up beat Lebanese music while the family and friends danced the night away til 2am in the morning. That's definitely a first for a Thursday night booking.

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