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Popular themes that Beauty and the Booth has worked at.

We have noticed a lot of popular themes since we have started our Melbourne photobooth business and here are a few of the really interesting ones which we want to share with you.

Black and white theme is a really popular one we have noticed which is great for photos because everyone is colour coordinated and everyone will most likely have a black outfit or white outfit. One 18th party we provided an enclosed photobooth for was a black and white theme, the girls must have assumed people would think the theme is dressy and classy but one of their friends rocked up in a panda noise, still on theme I guess.

Another theme that has come up a lot is James Bond. It's glamorous, it's classy, sexy and a little cheeky with the guns and weapons. Casino Royale has been a popular one with the Uni students because not only can they dress up and look glam they can also carry toy guns, wear bling glasses and chains and they can also decorate their party space with cards, poker chips and dices. We once set up our open photobooth at Melbourne Docklands Victoria Star cruises where they had a pack of cards on each table.

Red carpet is a good theme which is similar to the black and white and James Bond theme. They are all great themes if you would like your guests to make an effort.

One party we work at was a house party in Bonbeach where our clients throw a big house party each year, we showed up to set up our open photobooth thinking everyone would be dresses as movie stars on the red carpet, instead I was greeted by a yellow minion and Dorothy from Wizard of Oz.

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