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How far in advance should we book?

Due to the popularity of photobooth hire you should book as far in advance as possible. Please contact us to see if your date is available, once a deposit is paid your time and date will be secured.


How do payments and deposits work?

A deposit and a completed booking form is required to confirm your booking date. Final payment is due 14 days prior to your event.


How much space do we need?

Depending on which photobooth machine you chose we require 1m x 2m or 2m x 3m with close access to a powerpoint. Additional space should be allocated for your guests to pick their props and wait their turn. We will also need space for a small table, if you choose to have scrapbook area.


What time will we arrive?

We will get to the venue 45mins to 1 hour ahead of time to ensure the photobooth is set up and ready to go before your guests arrive.


Are the photostrips printed immediately?

They sure are! Your photostrips will be printed within 20 seconds.


Can our booths be set up anywhere?

Yes, our photobooths can travel upstairs depending on which photobooth machine you select.  We can also set up outside but full shelter is required and a flat surface.


How do I pay for extra hours on the night?

If the party is going so well and you want extend the booth hire you will need to let the attendant know 1 hour before the end of your original schedule. Additional hours are paid upfront at the event in cash before the addition hours start. This is subject to the attendant's availability.

What areas of Melbourne do we service?
We service a wide area of metro Melbourne as well as regional Victoria. Travel fees may apply for functions outside the Melbourne metro area. Please contact us for more information.

How do I work out how many hours to hire?
Every event is different, and the amount of time you hire a photobooth for would also depend on whether you want photos or photos and videos. The average is 30-40 prints per hour, to allow time for guests to position themselves in the booth, take their shots and collect their prints. From our experience we can advise you the minimum and maximum time you’d need to book for all your guests to have a go at the Beauty and the Booth experience. Just let us know the number of guests and what features you’d like in your package.
Weddings for example usually will book our 4 hour package of unlimited photos, and that gives guests about 120-160 sessions. Often guests will want to pose with their partner and then another group shot with friends, so you need allow for enough time to let everyone have a go. Additional hours are a great way to ensure everyone gets to have a great time without the time pressure.

What if there’s an operational delay or failure during my event?
While our photobooth is extremely reliable, the total price paid for the photobooth rental will be prorated accordingly if the booth is operational for less than 90% of the event due to equipment malfunction.

Does the attendant require a meal?
No, our attendants do not request a meal but it would be nice to receive if one is available.

What is Idle Time?
We can arrive earlier to set up the photobooth at the charge of “idle hours”. The rate of idle hours is $50 per hour.

What happens if there is damage or violence towards staff or equipment?
In order to prevent damage to equipment, Beauty and the Booth reserves the right to deny service to any person.
If circumstances arise where a threat or implied threat of harm, damage or violence to Beauty and the Booth staff or equipment, Beauty and the Booth reserves the right to cease providing services.
Any damage to Beauty and the Booth's equipment during the hirer’s event caused by the hirer, hirer’s guests or any other person in attendance at the event whether invited or not, will result in the cost to repair/replace the equipment to be paid by hirer.

I am already hiring a photographer for my event. Why should  I book a photobooth?
Photographers and photobooths serve two very different purposes. Renting a photobooth for your wedding, birthday party, corporate event, or any other awesome party you may be hosting, provides your guests with entertainment and party favors.
And best of all, you get to keep a copy of all the photos yourself as well.





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